An economy that includes disabled people: DR UK launches new report

Tue,28 June 2016
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The “Affordable Papers”: Contributions to an Economy That Includes Disabled People.

Affordable Papers can be dowloaded from the bottom of this page.

Disability Rights UK used the occasion of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Disability to launch the “Affordable Papers” report, made up of the contributions of speakers at two seminars organised by DR UK and sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The “Affordable Papers” report tackles big questions such as:

  • Is austerity necessary?
  • Is it inevitable that disabled people are adversely affected?
  • How can disabled people be supported to reduce the costs of aids and adaptations or goods and services sold to them?

It also tackles big themes too such as can disabled people form community and what’s needed to achieve this?

The speakers included leading researchers, academics and economists from the UK and US in addition to advocates from leading charities and disabled people led organisations.

Philip Connolly, Policy Manager at Disability Rights UK and organiser of the seminars said,

“We want disabled people not simply to have and to exercise political rights or consumer rights but also economic rights and opportunities too such as how they can generate new resources and influence the price or distribution of resources. The test of this work on the economy will be what we as disabled people and as representatives of the disability sector do to give effect to our own ambitions.”

Disability Rights UK also wish to acknowledge the contribution of Anna Denham for her invaluable work on this report.

Affordable papers - PDF