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Views wanted for NHS England patient choice events

26 January 2016

Patient Choice: Have you been referred for an outpatient appointment – what do you know about your right to choose?

Initial research has shown that when patients are referred for an outpatient appointment, they quite often do not know that they have the right to make choices about where the appointment takes place and which consultant lead team treats them.

NHS England’s Patient Choice Unit is holding a series of regional patient engagement events to find out what patients know about their legal rights to choice and how they would like to receive information about their outpatient appointment options.  The findings from these events will inform improvements to the national patient choice programme and will help to shape a national awareness raising campaign.

We would like to invite the public, patients and carers to take part in these events and share your knowledge, understanding or experience of patient choice with us.  We want your views on how we could increase awareness and the uptake of choice within the NHS.

The events will take place between 10.30 and 2.30 on the following dates in the locations below.  If you would like to take part in one of these events, please register via the relevant links below:

For more information please contact Oliver Wilkinson oliver.wilkinson@nhs.net / 0113 825 1448.

All reasonable travel expenses will be covered and lunch will be provided.