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DR UK part of new Spirit of 2012 funded project

19 January 2016

Spirit of 2012, a charity set up with money from the Big Lottery to carry forward the spirit of the London Olympics and Paralympics, has awarded a major grant to a consortium led by the English Federation of Disability Sport and including Disability Rights UK as a national delivery partner.

This new project is called Get Out & Get Active (GOGA) and will be UK wide from later in 2016.

Disability Rights UK will sit on the GOGA project steering committee to help ensure co-production with disabled people and reflect our priorities and values. This will include linking to our own Get Yourself Active project whereby disabled people can take control of their care packages through ‘personal budgets’ to spend on physical activity.

We will also work with all GOGA partners to develop peer mentoring programmes to increase the number of disabled people participating in physical activity and volunteering. This will involve a ‘flagship’ project in London and broader support to the GOGA programme by working with Volunteering Matters to incorporate peer mentoring within all the volunteering activities involving disabled people in England.