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The Great Benefits Row: Channel 4 Dispatches tonight

11 April 2016

Dispatches goes undercover in a 4 billion pound company who assess the disabled for benefits, and discovers unprofessional conduct from one of its assessors, including derogatory statements about claimants.

Channel 4 Dispatches - Monday 11th April, Channel 4, 8pm

We understand the Channel 4 programme on PIP this evening will show deeply disparaging comments from an assessor about someone going through the assessment; and claims that the assessors can make huge amounts of money, because of the incentive payments. 

If true, we are deeply concerned: it is the prime duty of anyone carrying out  assessments with disabled people to treat people always with respect and dignity.

We know from disabled people that  the process can feel dehumanising and we want reassurance that the assessment companies are recruiting people that respect disabled people’s humanity.

If the claims about assessors making huge amounts of money are true, this is a scandalous use of public money that is direly needed by disabled people – how come cuts fall on disabled people, when there seems to be money in the system to over-pay assessors?