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Good practice in supporting disabled learners

19 October 2016

Disability Rights UK is developing a toolkit of resources for education providers to showcase good practice in supporting disabled learners to make the transition to internships and paid employment.

Two sets of materials are shown below, made in partnership with National Star College and Seevic College in 2016.

Good practice in supporting disabled learners

Video: Good practice in supporting disabled learners

This film shows two former interns (now employees) at EDF Energy. They talk about their work, the support provided by their job coach and the way adjustments were made to overcome any barriers. They also describe the positive impact of working, earning, and being able to make choices about their lives.

The job coach talks about his role, in particular the importance of ongoing dialogue between employer and the interns, matching to appropriate job roles and finding paid employment afterwards. The employer explains the benefits of the changes the company made, including the voluntary pairing (buddy) scheme.of a visitors’ centre to be more inclusive.

Presentation: Key learning points

The learning materials include information about:

  • Finding the right work placement
  • Job carving
  • Barriers and solutions – examples of adjustments
  • Access to Work
  • Progression to paid employment
  • Part-time hours
  • Positive impact of work for interns
  • Benefits for employer

Transcript: Text from video

This Word document contains the full text transcribed from the best practice video.

Good practice in supporting disabled learners at Seevic College

Video: Good practice in supporting disabled learners at Seevic

This film shows former interns and an apprentice from Seevic College. They talk about their work and the support provided by the college and their employers.

The college shares good practice examples such as the taster sessions they run, the role of the job coach and how they support the transition to paid employment.

Presentation: Key learning points