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Fab Lab event held at Irlam

08 September 2015

The fab lab at Princess Park Garden centre, held  in Irlam, Salford last week, was an exciting milestone for disabled people in the new industrial revolution that we are currently experiencing

The event followed the launch at the BBC on July 30th and 31st that can be viewed via www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-33780101.

The video shows disabled people being introduced to the skills of scanning objects to print them out as single 3d components. No need for any further assembly.

At the garden centre I was able to watch one young woman with autism show an aptitude for 3d scanning and a woman with severe arthritis learn to print a finger grip to better manipulate her wheelchair.

Disability Rights UK, with its partners, the universities of Dundee and Salford have been pioneering a mobile fab lab able to democratise the user base of the technology to include disabled people by taking the technology to their own communities and making it freely accessible in their own neighbourhoods.

We recognise the therapeutic value of making things, the commercial significance of making a prototype or the value of being able to customise aids and adaptations to an individual’s needs. It is all possible with 3d printers, laser cutters and CNC milling.

There is still time to get on board. The next event will be at the Angel centre, Salford on September 16th and 17th and there will be other events too, up to the middle of next January. Please email Philip.connolly@disabilityrightsuk.org for more details about the project.

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