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PIP assessments: 150 to 200 lose Motability car each week

12 October 2015

Disability Rights UK CEO Liz Sayce was interviewed about PIP and mobility on the Adrian Goldberg radio show this morning, for BBC West Midlands

Adrian Goldberg radio show

Listen to radio show - news item begins approximately 1:26:00 into the programme

The show featured a phone in from Nicola, who has Multiple Sclerosis and who is now permanently in a wheelchair.

Nicola had previously been on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and was able to have a Motability car to help her get around because she was in receipt of DLA high rate mobility component.

When Nicola was reassessed, under Personal Independence Payment (PIP) rules, she lost her Motability car because it was decided that she did not qualify for the enhanced rate mobility component – ‘Moving Around’, despite the fact that she cannot walk at all.

The latest estimates from Motability are that 150 to 200 people lose their Motability car, each week, following the transfer of their DLA claim to PIP. The DWP has so far been silent on this issue. They have now released 6 statistical reports on PIP and not one of them has said how many disabled people have been awarded the enhanced mobility rate.

Speaking on the Adrian Goldberg show, Liz Sayce said that the benefit system was failing to keep up with peoples needs. DR UK would like to see benefits targeted towards keeping people independent and urges the Government to rethink their welfare strategy. Liz also believes that the PIP claim forms are too complicated, which is another barrier to getting a proper assessment.

Disability Rights UK has a free guide to making a claim for PIP, which you can download. We also have a factsheet on challenging incorrect benefit decisions.

And yes, Nicola is appealing the decision. We wish her well.