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Disability Rights UK is looking for case studies and personal stories for its new Reskilling guide

11 November 2015

We are interested in stories written by disabled people about their experiences of acquiring an impairment and how they dealt with returning to employment, particularly if this involved learning new skills or returning to education

This could include:  

  • Overcoming setbacks, barriers and solving problems
  • Support you received from other people who'd been through similar experiences
  • Reasonable adjustments you received in the workplace or other support from employers, Access to Work etc.

We are looking for around 400 words and we offer £50 Amazon vouchers for any story that we end up featuring in the guide.

More information can be found in this Profile Form

If you’d like to talk through your ideas before writing your story, please call Philip Connolly on 07706 643667 or email philip.connolly@disabilityrightsuk.org