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Sue Bott comments on Shared Lives Plus

20 May 2015

Shared Lives Plus is a scheme where ordinary people open up their own homes and family lives to support vulnerable adults and young people

Demand for the scheme has grown rapidly, by as much as 14% in the last year. Speaking about the scheme in the Guardian today Deputy CEO Sue Bott said:

“There is no doubt that Shared Lives is a model that works for many disabled people and people with long term health conditions allowing people to live ordinary lives and to exercise choice and control in their lives.

My worry is that professionals will focus on the pound signs and degrade the model, or worse, make it the default model in adult social care. For Shared Lives to enable independent living, it is essential that disabled people and families supporting them genuinely choose each other rather than have a living arrangement forced on them just to save money.”

You can view the full article at http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/may/20/sharing-family-life-learning-disabled-adults

For more about Shared Lives Plus See http://www.sharedlivesplus.org.uk/