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Tackling Barriers for Disabled Apprentices

31 March 2015

Disability Rights UK celebrated the conclusion of its London Apprenticeship Project by sharing the key learning achieved at its Tackling Barriers for Disabled Apprentices Event on 30th March

The aim of the event was engage with Employers, training providers and other organisations dedicated to supported disabled individuals and highlight the barriers encountered. The event succeeded in demonstrating ways to tackle the barriers encountered through the approach developed by the project.

The highlight of the event saw our own apprentice, Corrin McLelland, take the floor and provided a passionate account of her journey and the difference her apprenticeship has made to her outlook on life, confidence and ambitions.

We also demonstrated that the most significant support that benefits young disabled apprentices is flexibility which is the basis of the model developed and promoted through the project.

This model ensures both traineeships and apprenticeships are combined to support the development of apprentices and lends itself to enabling greater flexibility for those in need of additional support to meet the Maths and English standards. This model grants disabled apprentices a more ample timeframe to meet their learning objectives, develop key employability skills and obtain real work experience.

The passion with which our apprentice Corrin spoke was perhaps the most influential part the event as she was living proof that young adults with more complex support needs can be integrated into a workplace without causing detriment to employers in the process. Her honest account added value to concept of supporting disabled apprentices and offered employers a rare and unique chance to actually see the benefits an apprenticeship can bring to someone’s life.