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New Zero Project report recognises DR UK helpline

24 February 2015

The new Zero Project report 2015 recognises Disability Rights UK's innovative practices in relation to our Personal Budgets (formerly self directed support) helpline and platform on personalised care

Zero Project report 2015

The line has been awarded the accolade of innovative practice in independent living and disabled people’s political participation and we will be collecting the award at the Zero Project Conference, which takes place in Vienna, betweeen 25-27 February 2015. We are also providing a keynote speaker for the event.

You can read the report at http://zeroproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Zero-Project-Report.pdf

The Zero Project, an initiative of the Essl Foundation, focuses on the rights of persons with disabilities globally. It provides a platform where the most innovative and effective solutions to problems that persons with disabilities face, are shared. Its sole objective is to assist in creating a world without barriers.

Zero Project