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Our Statement on the Government's response to DSA proposals

02 December 2015

Today the Government responded to the consultation on Disabled Students Allowance and Jo Johnson the Minister of State for Universities and Science issued a written statement.

Whilst Disability Rights UK are disappointed that this policy is still being taken forward we have worked on behalf of disabled people and in alliance with other stakeholders in our role as co-ordinators of the “No cap on aspiration – DSA” group and congratulate all members for winning potentially important concessions from the Government.

There are concessions on DSA being available for specialist accommodation, scanners and printers and laptop cases, sighted guides and specialist transcription and some gains in respect of non-medical help and new commitments to our demands in respect of the exceptional case procedures, emphasis on inclusive teaching practice and commitments to a new quality assurance framework.

“It remains to be seen from the detail and implementation what discretion the universities can exercise but the concession do demonstrate the value of continued lobbying and collective action,” said Philip Connolly, Disability Rights UK’s Policy Manager and chair of “No cap on aspiration – DSA”.

Read the Government’s response and our summary