Fab Lab event held in Swinton

Mon,30 November 2015
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Report Fab Lab event held in Swinton, Salford – 26 November 2015.

Joe McLeod Iredale 3D design at DR UK digtial fabrication laboratory in Switdon, Salford

Over the course of two days Salford Fab Lab’s resident artists and technicians gave disabled people the chance to demonstrate their practical creativity with the aid of 3D scanning and printing as part of our In the Making Project.

Disability Rights UK has been involved in the running of quite a few workshops now, all of them popular.

There has been no limit to the creativity attendees have displayed. Where one person has printed finger grips to support the dexterity of arthritic joints another has created decorative bracelets.

Whatever they make they are demonstrating the sort of transferable skills in demand by employers and others be they artists or artisans.

Philip Connolly, Disability Rights Policy and Development Manager describes it thus,

“3 D design and printing is like learning to write. You can write postcards or scientific abstracts, poetry, rap or simple or complicated instructions for others to follow.

Our fab labs have the potential to offer disabled people the opportunity to rewrite our own futures.”