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Students report human rights achievements

27 April 2015

Equally Ours aims to help everyone understand how human rights benefit all of us in the UK.

Disability Rights UK are partners of Equally Ours, a coalition of voluntary sector organisations committed to helping everyone obtain and enforce their rights as citizens to such basic needs as travel, work, training, housing and independent living.

These rights are afforded to everyone under the Human Rights Act of 1998.  Disability Rights UK sought the help of students from Kings College London University to research the value of this act for disabled people and their excellent reports are linked to this page.

The students reports highlight how individuals have secured entitlements to support, combatted discrimination and obtain equality using the act’s provisions.

Disability Rights UK is grateful for the voluntary contribution made by these students to our work and we expect to be able to supplement the reports with interviews and possibly video interviews in the future. Disabled people have the same rights as non-disabled people and this is core to them being able to enjoy the same opportunities.

Read the four reports:

Disability Rights Considerations in Mental Health Law: An interview with Peter Edwards - Suzanna Georgopoulou, Hua Ong and Femi Owolade

Disability Rights UK report - Ezgi Sahin

Equally Ours - Disability Rights UK - Begum Icelliler

The Protection of the Human Rights of People with Disabilities - Boryana Filiminova