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A better future for disabled people

20 April 2015

Shadow Disabilities Minister Kate Green and Labour MP Rachel Reeves have today launched Labour’s Manifesto for Disabled People

The manifesto promises to;

  • Toughen up the law on disability hate crime

  • Reform the Work Capability Assessment and introduce a specialist Work Support programme to provide tailored support to help disabled people who can work to gain employment

  • Abolish the Bedroom Tax. Two thirds of those affected are disabled and 60,000 carers are hit

  • Ensure properly qualified teachers work with disabled children and those with special educational needs

  • Give mental health the same priority as physical health on the NHS, giving people the same rights to psychological therapies as they have to drugs and medical treatment

  • Place disabled people at the heart of decision making by inviting them to sit alongside ministers on a cross-government committee to develop disability policy

Download A Better future for disabled people