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7 Families: Not just about money

21 April 2015

Tracey Clarke explains how a pioneering new financial project is getting her family back on track after disability and job loss meant they almost lost everything

Tracey, who is registered blind, explains how the 7 Families project has helped support her. The project is supporting families who have lost their income because of disability or a long-term health condition.

“Perhaps the most notable use of the 7 Families funding has been the purchase of a laptop for me. Together with some training on use of adaptive software for Visual Impairment, this may well open up my ambition to write and publish, hopefully with a view to earning an income instead of claiming benefits.

7 Families is not just about money though. Arguably more empowering is the central hub of relevant information, help and advice, such as has been woefully missing in our previous experience. One great example of this is being linked up with a mentor to tutor my writing and publishing. The project is fabulous and we are enormously blessed and privileged to be included in it.”

You can read the blog at http://enablemagazine.co.uk/getting-back-on-track-with-the-7-families-project/