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1 in 4 fear future care provision inadequate

01 September 2014

Public vote of no confidence in care and support system.

Today the Care and Support Alliance publishes public opinion survey results showing that:

  • 6 in 10 are not confident they will receive sufficient care, rising to 7 in 10 for people over 60
  • a third of people rely on – or know someone who relies on – the care system and
  • health and social care are the top priorities for more expenditure from Government.

Liz Sayce said:

“If you need support to get up, bathe, get dressed, go out, find your way about – then without support you will live a life of incredible limitation. A non-life. You may end up in residential care against your will, you may be trapped at home unable to get out, you may be incredibly isolated  - when with support you could offer so much, from being the grandparent or parent you want to be, to being part of your local community.  

The test of a civilised society is not, as is often claimed, how well it looks after those who are most vulnerable – as though people are passive recipients of care -  but how well it enables people facing disadvantages to have a decent life and fulfil their potential.

Disability Rights UK believes there must be investment in care and support, coupled with rights in practice to have support to make the most of your potential. This is about having a life – not an existence – with dignity and opportunity”.

You can find out more at http://careandsupportalliance.com/2014/08/31/csa-press-release-the-english-public-has-given-a-vote-of-no-confidence-in-the-care-system-31-august-2014/

The Care and Support Alliance is an alliance of 75 charities and voluntary organisations involved with elderly and disabled people. Disability Rights UK is a member.