LibDems publish pre-manifesto

Tue,9 September 2014

The Liberal Party has published its ‘pre-manifesto’ that details a range of measures intended to improve the support offered to disabled people

The measures include:

  • a reformed and improved Work Programme in partnership with national governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and in England, local councils, to help people get back into employment.
  • ensuring people with mental and physical health conditions get the right support to get back to work through closer working between the NHS and employment support providers, recognising the link between employment and mental and physical wellbeing.
  • improving support for carers seeking to return to the jobs market.
  • ensuring ‘work tests’ are fair, accurate and timely - reviewing the work capability assessment and evaluate the merits of a public sector provider.
  • ensuring that assessments for Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment are carried out quickly and fairly.
  • simplifying and streamline the system of back to work support provided for people with disabilities.
  • aiming for the goal of one assessment and one budget for disabled and sick people to give them more choice and control over their support.
  • introducing a ‘yellow card’ before benefit sanctions are applied to give people a warning that their benefits could be withdrawn.
  • introducing a new ‘Right to Respite’ package for carers, including an annual ‘Carer’s Respite Bonus’ worth £250 for those carers looking after someone for 35 hours or more each week over a 12 month period.
  • developing a ‘Carers’ Passport’ scheme to inform carers of their rights in the NHS, assert their role as ‘expert partners in care’ and gain access to support like free hospital parking.
  • raising the amount you can earn before losing carer’s allowance to £150 a week.

The revolution will not be televised.