Future of the Disability Committee Decided

Thu,13 March 2014

Following the independent review of the Disability Committee carried out by Agnes Fletcher in April 2013, and further discussions with Ministers and stakeholders, it has been decided that the Committee will end as a formal statutory committee in 2017.

Disability Rights UK says:

“Disabled people fought hard for a Disability Committee led by disabled people, with statutory powers to make a real impact in reducing the extensive discrimination and disadvantage faced by disabled people in Britain.

The decision to end the Committee in 2017 is better than ending it now. However what we really need to see is evidence that the EHRC is making a difference to disabled people’s equality and human rights.

In addition to the useful work on targeted harassment and hate crime, we would like to see the EHRC speaking out publicly when disabled people are defamed in the media; using its authority to promote and enforce equality in employment, accessibility and independent living; and letting disabled people know how it is making a difference to our lives.”

For more information on this news item see http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/news/2014/february/-future-of-the-disability-committee-decided/