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See how Human Rights can increase care support

10 July 2014

Everyday rights - when we need more help if we have a disability

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The care that Jan received from her council meant she was confined to bed most of the day. Jan used human rights to take legal action against her local council to increase the amount of care she receives. As a result, she now gets the level of support she needs to have a reasonable quality of life.

Equally Ours aims to help everyone to understand how human rights benefit all of us here in the UK, every day, in very practical ways; that they are an important part of our shared heritage, helping to make equality, inclusion and social justice real for everyone.

Equally Ours brings charities and voluntary organisations together to share their stories of how human rights matter to the people they support – people from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

Equally Ours is a partnership between the Equality and Diversity Forum, Age UK, the British Institute of Human Rights, the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, Disability Rights UK, Mind, René Cassin and Runnymede Trust.

Equally Ours shares the stories of everyone's human rights, every day. Find out more at www.equally-ours.org.uk

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Human Rights Stories

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