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Latest PIP statistics published

17 December 2014

Personal Independence Payment: April 2013 to October 2014

On the 31 October 2014, 208,000 people had a PIP claim in payment, an increase of 101,000 (95%) on the previous reported quarterly figure (July 2014).

Of these claims in payment at 31 October 2014:

  • 25,000 (12%) were assessed under Special Rules for Terminally Ill (SRTI) people.
  • 23,000 (11%) were reassessment claims from DLA.
  • Of those assessed under Normal Rules, 32% were in the ‘Psychiatric Disorder’ category
  • 29% received Daily Living Award only, 9% received Mobility Award only,and
  • 62% received both Daily Living and Mobility Award.
  • Overall, 65% received an award at the enhanced rate, and 35% at the standard rate.

There are 592,900 new registered PIP claims, of which 352,100 have been cleared. This leaves a backlog of 240,800 (40%) which have not been cleared.

For a full breakdown go to https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/personal-independence-payment-april-2013-to-october-2014