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Bus Conduct regulations: No change on wheelchair access rules

09 March 2016

Disability Rights UK made suggestions for changing the law following the recent court decision concerning wheelchair access on buses

Following the decision on Firstgroup Plc v Paulley it was established that a driver has no power, under the Public Service Vehicles (Conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations (the 'conduct regulations') to compel any passenger who is not a wheelchair user to move from a designated wheelchair area.

Disability Rights UK responded to the consultation on 'conduct regulations'.

We proposed that there should be an amendment to regulation 6(1)(k) of these regulations granting bus drivers the power to eject passengers, who are non-wheelchair users, where they refuse to readily or reasonably vacate a wheelchair space.

You can view our response here.

The Government has responded to this consultation but has made no relevant changes concerning wheelchair access on buses.

Disability Rights UK now awaits the outcome of the Supreme Court hearing of Firstgroup Plc v Paulley.

The case is listed for 15 June 2016