Transport committee report:our response

Tue,17 September 2013

Disability Rights UK welcomes this report from MPs warning that access to public transport is still unacceptably poor. 

In their report MPs highlight many of the issues facing disabled people that are reported to us on a daily basis and are the subject of discussion at our events. 

We are pleased with the recommendations for improvement in areas such as campaigning to ensure that spaces meant for disabled people on buses are not taken by other passengers, that routes advertised as accessible are genuinely accessible, training on disability equality for all staff, and changes to EU regulations to bring European airlines into line with airlines in the US so that assistants who are essential to disabled passengers can travel free. 

We also strongly support the recommendation for cross government working to improve access and the recognition that better access is essential if disabled people are to be able to participate in our communities as equal citizens and take up employment and training opportunities.

Our Doing Transport Differently guide is written by and for people with lived experience of a disability or health condition who would like to access public transport.