We want more access to FE for those with autism

Mon,28 October 2013

Disability Rights UK was a signatory to this letter, published in the online Telegraph on 26 October 2013

Autism and education

SIR – Next week, members of the House of Lords will discuss a crucial amendment to the Children and Families Bill. If adopted, it will mean local authorities will make decisions about whether to support disabled young people in education based on their individual needs and aspirations, and not on their age.

Young people with disabilities such as autism can and do thrive and succeed in further education. Yet currently, fewer than one in four access further education and fewer still go on to live independently.

The Children and Families Bill is the Government’s chance to reverse these trends. With the right education and support, disabled young people can become more economically active, and there is a long-term benefit to the state, to their own health and wellbeing, and to their families.

Jolanta Lasota

Chief executive, Ambitious about Autism

Liz Sayce

Chief executive, Disability Rights UK

Di Roberts

Chairman, Association of Colleges

Alison Boulton

Chief executive, Association of National Specialist Colleges: Natspec

[Telegraph - 26 October 2013]