We call for a single disability employment programme

Wed,15 May 2013

Liz Sayce speaks at the GOVKNOW conference on employment

Liz Sayce calls on Government to establish a one-stop single disability employment programme – with power in the hands of people living with disability or health conditions, backed by peer support and a strong role for organisations led by disabled people. The forthcoming disability employment strategy is the opportunity to do this.

Speaking at the GOVKNOW conference on employment, apprenticeships and skills, Liz said: 

‘We need employment support that disabled people can trust. With all the benefit changes, the mood is one of fear. Government should aim to replace fear with trust, so people are confident to try new opportunities and gain new skills. A single disability employment programme could scale up the success of Access to Work and create a one stop shop for really personalised employment support. There is nothing like learning from what others living with disability or health conditions have found useful: investment in Disabled People’s Organisations could unleash the power of peer support’.

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