TFL wheelchair priority space campaign

Mon,19 November 2012
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Transport for London (TfL) has launched a new campaign today outlining the rules around the use of the wheelchair space on buses

The priority wheelchair space is the only place in the bus in which wheelchair users can travel safely. The campaign aims to ensure that all passengers know and respect this.

Buggy users and other passengers may use the space if it is not in use. However if a wheelchair user wants to board the bus, other passengers and buggy users will be asked to vacate the space or fold their buggies.

Transport for London have launched this campaign as feedback from its customers has shown that wheelchair users are sometimes refused entry on buses because the space is already occupied and other passengers will not move. Transport for London is asking passengers to show consideration to their fellow travellers.

The publicity campaign will continue until spring 2012. New signs and posters will be displayed on buses and at bus shelters. In addition, guidance has been provided to bus drivers to help them deal with this issue.

All of TfL’s 8,500 buses (apart from a handful of Routemaster buses operating on tourist routes 9 and 15) are low floor, wheelchair accessible and fitted with wheelchair ramps that are checked every day before the bus enters passenger service.

In addition the number of accessible bus stops in the Capital has more than doubled since 2008 with more than 65 per cent of bus stops now fully accessible (up from 29 per cent in 2008).

TfL is currently working with the Mayor to develop a range of improvements to make the transport network even more accessible over the coming years.

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