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Volunteers collect for Disability Rights UK

26 February 2013

Laura, Hannah and Becky collected donations on behalf of Disability Rights UK last Saturday

You can help us by supporting Disability Rights UK London Marathon runners.

Our team – Becky, Donna Laura and Hannah are taking on the great challenge of running the London Marathon in 2013, to support Disability Rights UK.

They are supporting us so we can campaign for the freedom to live independently and the opportunity to live free of poverty. We organise events where disabled people can tell MPs and peers ‘how it is’, we influence change in government policy and we get vital information on ‘your rights’ out to hundreds of thousands of disabled people.

Your donation can help us win better chances for young disabled people (for education and apprenticeships) and a fairer benefits system.

Collecting donations at Tesco
Laura, Hannah and Becky collecting donations at Tesco
Collecting donations at Tesco