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Late revisions

If you have missed the one-month deadline to ask for a mandatory reconsideration, you may be able to ask for a late revision. This may be accepted up to 12 months after the normal deadline if:

  • the decision maker thinks it is reasonable; and

  • special circumstances made it impracticable for you to ask for a reconsideration in time. The longer the delay, the better the reason must be.

If you make an application for a late revision (within the extended time limit) and your reasons are not accepted by the decision maker, they should give you a decision refusing to revise. This will then give you the right to appeal against the original decision.

If you have missed this extended deadline, it may still be possible in some cases to get a special kind of revision known as an ‘any time’ revision. For more on this, see our Disability Rights Handbook

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