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Department for Work and Pensions [October 2012] Extending the Right to Control pilots – our response.

The Disabled People’s Right to Control (Pilot Scheme) (England) (Amendments) Regulations 2012

Public Consultation

29 October 2012

This consultation, published June 2012, sought your views on proposed regulations to enable the delivery of the Right to Control Trailblazers for a further 12 months from December 2012.

The current Right to Control pilot scheme is implemented by regulations which expire on 13 December 2012. The government believes that the best way to get more evidence about the delivery of Right to Control is to extend the current pilot scheme for a further twelve months beyond December 2012. Accordingly, the Government is proposing to put in place that extension.

Disability Rights UK response

Disability Rights UK has responded to this consultation. You can view this response below.

Government response to the consultation

The Government has announced that it will introduce legisation toextend the Right to Control Scheme.

"As a result of the level of support for the proposed extension of the current Right to Control pilot scheme by a further 12 months, it is our intention (subject to approval by Parliament) to make The Disabled People’s Right to Control (Pilot Scheme) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012, whose purpose it is to effect that extension, to come into force from 12 December 2012. This will ensure there is a seamless transition into the extension period...."

"The draft regulations will be laid in Parliament in October, with the aim of bringing them into force on 12 December 2012. During the extension period we will work with Trailblazers to maximise the available evidence base. The independent evaluation report, due to be published in Spring 2013, together with the further Trailblazer management information and case studies, gathered during the extension period will be used to assess the Right to Control’s impact on disabled people and to inform future decisions about the Right to Control."

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