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Council tax disability reduction scheme


You can get a reduction on your bill if you or someone in your home is ‘substantially and permanently disabled’ and one of the following applies. You (or they):

  • have a room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet) which is used to meet your needs e.g. for the purposes of dialysis, treatment or for the storage of equipment
  • have a second bathroom or kitchen used to meet your needs
  • have enough space in your home to use a wheelchair indoors

If any of these apply, the bill for your dwelling is reduced to the next lowest band. See which band your property is in

If you are already in a band A property, you will have your bill reduced by one sixth.

You will need to contact your own council about a council tax reduction for your disability. They may have more information on their website. This is the information provided by Ealing Council for example.

If you should have been given a disability reduction in the past, but were not, it should be backdated. Backdating may be limited to six years.

Disability reductions are available in all types of dwellings, including care homes and hostels.

In Scotland, the council water charge can also be reduced under this scheme.

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