Chris Renouf, Channel 4 Continuity Apprentice

Chris Renouf, Channel 4 Continuity Apprentice

 Chris Renouf

What do you do?

I’m an apprentice in the Continuity department at Channel 4.  My job is to write scripts that can be funny or persuasive that steer people towards watching a show on any of these channels: CHANNEL4, MORE4, E4, 4SEVEN and FILM4. I have to watch the shows beforehand and think of something cool or interesting to say about the programme that may get the viewer’s attention. It’s a really great job!

How did you get your job?

It all started nearly a year ago. I got a spot with the Continuity team through the work experience programme. My first day was really cool, I was at White City and I got to write a few scripts for the early morning recordings, and I even got to record my own voice going out live that next morning!

At the end of the week, I got a few contacts by email and it took off from there really. Job highlights? I have severe deafness and mild cerebral palsy. I was approached in August to come down for a few days to script and record for C4’s continuity’s day of disability. This was quite a big thing because it was reaching out to make people more aware of other people with disabilities. I pre-recorded my own voice to go into the Friday night peak on Channel 4’s schedule. And not only that…..they had another surprise in store for me, the continuity team asked me to introduce the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio.

It was one of those OMG moments! The feeling was a bit surreal. Top tips for aspiring media professionals:

If you think you have a talent - don’t be afraid to show it off, express yourself, take pride in what and who you are. Let your talent do the talking. You don’t have to get a big fancy PHD Degree from university or be all A’s in GCSE and A Levels!