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The Bedroom Tax

The bedroom ‘size criteria’ rule, or ‘bedroom tax’ as it is more commonly known, restricts the size of accommodation that universal credit or housing benefit can cover the rental costs for, based on the number of people in your household.

The bedroom tax applies if you are of working age and renting from a local authority, a registered housing association or other registered social landlord.

Working age means anyone between the age of 16 and pension age. You may be affected by the bedroom tax if you are a member of a couple and just one of you has reached pension age; you are not affected if you have both reached pension age. 

The bedroom tax applies in Scotland, but the Scottish government has allowed for an extension of discretionary housing payments (DHPs) to cover tenants who would otherwise lose out. You need to apply for a DHP to receive this support. Similar measures apply in Northern Ireland.

How many bedrooms are you allowed?

How the bedroom tax might affect you

Discretionary housing payments

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