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Minister for Disabled People affirms importance of engagement with DPOs

25 February 2022

Earlier this week, a number of DPOs (Disabled People’s Organisations) from the Disability Rights UK Our Voices group met with the Minister for Disabled People, Chloe Smith. The Minister confirmed her intention to engage with DPOs and listen to Disabled people.

The Minister said that she wanted to hear what was missing from the Disability Strategy. She also said that the recent court ruling hadn’t quashed the current Strategy. She wanted to find ways of increasing the involvement of DPOs in the delivery of the Strategy, including reviews on procurement and stakeholder engagement.

The DPOs at the meeting included Disability Rights UK, Disability Positive, Disability Peterborough, WECIL, Disability Cornwall, Living Options Devon, Breakthrough, CILK and Wiltshire CIL.

DPO Representatives asked that the Government re-enforce the important role of DPOs, improve communication with Disabled people who remain clinically vulnerable to COVID and ensure that the COVID Public Inquiry includes the voices of Disabled people. DPOs also highlighted the devastating impact of the living standards crisis on Disabled people including the increasing level of social care charges.