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Liz Sayce discusses Motability and PIP appeal delays

03 May 2017

Disability Rights UK’s CEO Liz Sayce appeared on the Stuart Linnell show (BBC Radio Northampton) today.

Listen to broadcast – Initial news item starts at 1:40, Liz is interviewed at 2:40

The news item focused on the problem of PIP appeal delays throughout the country and the effect that this has on those who lose their Motability car.

For example, Jane Schofield has had to wait 40 weeks for an appeal hearing date. She had her PIP reduced and, and had to return her Motability car. She feels that the length of time she has waited for an appeal date is unreasonable.

When interviewed Liz Sayce expressed her concern about the delay. The average waiting time for an appeal is 16 weeks but this varies depending on where you live.

Recently, Motability changed its rules, allowing recipients to keep their car longer (8 weeks) following an adverse PIP decision. However, this rule change would not have helped in this case.

The number of PIP appeals are growing. DR UK would like to see real reform of disability benefits. Liz said that DR UK wants a system aimed at enabling independence and communicating well. DR UK will be raising this issue with whichever party wins the June election.

The programme also discussed attitudes to hidden disability, where it is not obvious that someone needs a Motability car, such as if a person has a heart condition.

Liz said that it was important to note that disability can take many forms. All the evidence suggests that there is very little wrongful claiming going on. There is a much bigger problem of the people who need Motability cars not getting them. There are also the cases, such as Jane Schofield’s where a much need car is taken away.

The Government is trying to make welfare budget cuts but Disability Rights UK says that this must not be at the expense of independence.