Govt wants to keep 20 metre PIP rule

Wed,3 July 2013

Lord Freud states the Government preferred option is to keep existing PIP mobility rules but that they are “keeping an open mind”

Lord Freud was responding to a question asked by Lord Alton of Liverpool. His reply suggests that financial considerations will play a part in the Government’s decision.

Lord Alton’s question was:

“… how they [the Government] will respond to the consultation on the 50 or 20 metre Personal Independence Payment qualifying criteria; what procedure they intend to follow in undertaking the consultation; what weight they intend to attach to responses from the consultation; and whether they intend to publish the reasons for their eventual decision.”


“…. what will happen to those claimants who have already been assessed under the old rules if the consultation determines that the rules on the 50 or 20 metre qualifying criteria for the Personal Independence Payment should be changed.”

Lord Freud replied:

“We are keen to receive written responses from any interested parties and intend to meet with a range of disabled people and disability organisations to discuss their views first-hand.

We are carrying out the consultation with an open mind. Whilst our current preferred option is to not make any amendment to the current criteria, we are keen to receive as many responses as possible and are committed to considering these. We will not make a decision on whether any changes are necessary until we have fully considered the responses to the consultation.

In reaching our decision we will consider how any potential changes might affect individuals and the numbers of people likely to receive the benefit. We will also consider the potential impact of any changes on PIP and overall welfare expenditure, and whether this is affordable and sustainable. We will publish a report summarising the responses received, and how we reached our conclusions, once we have completed the consultation.

If we decide that changes to the assessment are needed, we will consider the implications for existing PIP claimants.”

[Source Hansard 3 July 2013 : Column WA232]

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