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Win Win Alliance projects

For 2015-16 the Win-Win Alliance delivers seven projects

  1. Improving experience and uptake of Annual Health checks, cancer screening and behaviour change programmes based on peer support and on the terms of (learning) disabled people and people with support needs in deprived neighbourhoods

  2. Co-creating conducive environments for peer-to-peer communities, learning from the disability movement

  3. Helping to kick-start, make the research and business case for and provide infrastructure support to local DPULOs

  4. User-driven commissioning and integration through patient pull and outwards accountability towards service users 

  5. One-stop shop of a) peer-led support combining advice and information on personal budgets, transition to NHS Continuing Care (PHBs) and Care Act rights and b) Care Act guide in a rights-based approach relating in particular to information, advocacy and support planning and covering health and social care

  6. Furthering accessibility (in the broader sense) and implementing the Accessible Information Standard

  7. Promoting equalities and reducing health inequalities, supporting national policy and practice through user-/patient-led perspectives across health, social care, work