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Where does the Blue badge scheme operate?

Blue badge scheme

The Blue Badge scheme operates all over the United Kingdom (UK) but there are local differences in the scheme’s operation in certain London boroughs and other large towns or cities in the UK. In Northern Ireland, the scheme applies to on-street parking but you can also get a ‘white badge’ to access pedestrian zones. For more information, see the Department for Infrastructure website at www.infrastructure-ni.gov.uk/articles/permit-access-pedestrian-zone-white-badge

Using your Blue Badge in Europe

The Blue Badge is recognised in all European countries and allows you to make use of the same concessions that the country you are in allows its own citizens with a disability. The parking concessions vary from country to county. The AA has produced a leaflet outlining the allowances for the different EU countries and is available at www.theaa.com/public_affairs/reports/blue_badge_abroad.pdf

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