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DR UK launches We Belong campaign

Find the latest information on the We Belong project at https://www.we-belong.co.uk/

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Do you want to influence government policy? Disability Rights UK wants to hear from as many disabled people as possible about the issues that affect us and the kinds of changes we want to see in society and in government policy.

This month, we are launching our We Belong campaign. As the government prepares to launch its National Strategy for Disabled People, its time for us to feed into it and have our say on the shape of our future.

You can tell us your views about what matters to you by emailing webelong@disabilityrightsuk.org, or by writing in the form at the bottom of this web page. Click here for a direct link to the form. You can also send us audio or video of you talking about the things that matter to you. 

We are also holding a series of online discussions on different themes, bringing together a diverse group of disabled people: experienced campaigners, high profile disabled people and anyone with something to say. The first two discussions are seeking the views of disabled women and disabled people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds. The discussion with disabled women will be held from 12pm-1pm and then again from 6.30pm-7.30pm (choose your session) on Wednesday 30 September, and the discussion with disabled people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds will be at the same times on Thursday 1 October (again, choose your session).

You can also register by emailing webelong@disabilityrightsuk.org if you are not able to use Eventbrite.

There are more discussions planned throughout October, and what they are about is up to you. Tell us what issues are important to you, and what change you would like to see in society, by emailing webelong@disabilityrightsuk.org, and if there is enough interest in a topic we can organise a discussion about it. 

DR UK Kamran Mallick said: “It’s so important that we get our views directly to the heart of government so that we get a strategy that truly focuses on the things that we, as disabled people, know to be the most important.”