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Manchester to London sponsored cycling event

George Friend cycled 250 miles in 15 hours for Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights UK would like to thank George Friend for his efforts in raising £2255 to help us with our work

George Friend started riding to keep fit 2 years ago and decided to give himself greater motivation by doing...
"something for a charity that my father holds dear to his heart as a means of me thanking him for everything he has done for me".
That something was a sponsored ride, to raise money for Disability Rights UK on the 8th of June 2013, from Manchester to London, 250 miles in 24hrs. This was ambitious considering that George usually only rides for around 3 hours. George also thought the cause was worthy because of the "great work Disability Rights UK does to represent disabled people throughout the country".
George covered the 250 miles in 15 hours finishing 6th at 7:41am.