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Leave a legacy

Remember Disability Rights UK in your will

After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, leaving a gift in your will is a great way to support our work. Your legacy can be the help we need to create a society where everyone can participate equally.

Phil Friend

“I believe that Disabled people need strong, vibrant, creative and thoughtful organisations in order to ensure their voice is heard in an increasingly complex and demanding world. Disability Rights UK is an organisation with an impressive track record in raising issues that really matter to those of us who are disabled. They command respect and as a result are listened to by policy makers and Disabled people alike. By leaving a legacy to Disability Rights UK I hope that I will help to ensure that the organisation can continue to fight for the rights of Disabled people long after I'm gone.”

Phil Friend (OBE FRSA)

Disability Consultant and former Chair of Disability Rights UK

Your donation can be as small or large as you like. If you choose to leave us a gift, you should also make a note of our official address and registered charity number to give to your professional adviser when writing your will

Disability Rights UK
14 East Bay Lane
Here East
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
London E20 3BS

Registered Charity No.1138585

If you want to leave us a gift but have already made a will, there are a couple of simple ways you can change it.

1. New will

The first and probably simplest way is to write a new will. Once a new will is written, it makes void anything made by you in the past. In fact, most wills will start by reciting that you're writing a will and that you're revoking previous wills. 

2. Codicil

A codicil is a document used to change a will that has already been made. It's used as a way to make simple additions or amendments to an existing will like a change in the amount of money, or the addition of a gift.

If you would like to leave us a gift and this means amending your will, you should seek legal advice www.rememberacharity.org.uk/making-a-will/make-your-will-with-legal-advice

We promise that your legacy will be spent wisely and make a genuine difference to the disabled people we help.