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Top fundraising tips

Once you have created your justgiving page, use these top tips to maximise your fundraising
  • Ask close friends and family to donate first as other people may match their generosity
  • Time your donation request- asking someone after payday is more likely to result in a donation! 
  • Don't forget to suggest donors opt in for Gift Aid! It's a free option for them to ensure the charity receives more money
  • Let your employer know what you're doing as they might be prepared to match your donation to us
  • Add some perspective around a suggested donation e.g. £10 might mean missing a takeaway dinner
  • Set yourself small weekly fundraising targets rather than thinking about a daunting total target
  • Collect donations before your event and remember to add this to your justgiving page as an 'offline donation'
  • Get friends and family to spread the word about your fundraising too - they'll be keen to help you get more sponsors
  • Mention your fundraising event in your answerphone messages, email signatures, notice boards, anywhere you can

Please do tell us when you sign up to JustGiving or start fundraising activity, as we will try to support you in anyway we can to help you achieve your fundraising target.