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Fundraising Top Tips

  • Customise your page – make your page as engaging as possible by adding photos and videos and letting everyone know why you’re raising money for Disability Rights UK. Keep it simple. 
  • Share your page on Facebook and Twitter and email it to your friends and family – each share on social media is worth £10 donation on average!
  • Ask your friends and family to donate to your page as soon as it's ready; they are the most likely to support you and set the tone and level of donations for others to see. 
  • Time your donation requests- sharing your page on payday is more likely to result in a donation!
  • Ask your employer if they are able to match fund for your event - even if they cannot, they might be able to donate! 
  • If someone donates to you in person, remember to add this to your justgiving page as an 'offline donation'
  • Let us know about your event and we can promote your JustGiving page via our e-newsletter, Social Media and Website.
  • Text to Donate – JustTextGiving is a service that allows your sponsors to donate to your fundraising page simply by sending a text. Texts are free and 100% of the donation, plus Gift Aid, goes to charity.
  • Apps – if you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone you can view and update your page easily with the JustGiving app.
Don't forget to encourage your donors to opt in for Gift Aid! It's a free option for them to ensure the charity receives more money

Please do tell us when you sign up to JustGiving or start fundraising activity, as we will try to support you in anyway we can to help you achieve your fundraising target.

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