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TTFone Jupiter 850

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Get the TTFone Jupiter 850 plus three months of service for a special price of £69.99 (RRP £89.96)

Disability Rights UK is delighted to have partnered with Fuss Free Phones to offer this exclusive package.

Fuss Free Phones

Many people have difficulty using a mobile phone or need help to use some of the features. Fuss Free Phones can help. They supply easy to use mobiles, and a telephony service that provides assistance making phone calls, which will put you through to friends and family, the doctor or to help in an emergency - 24 hours a day and at the touch of a button.

In addition, the telephony operators will screen incoming calls so only your trusted contacts get through and nuisance calls cannot.

The ease of use and quality of service means that this is the mobile phone and service provider of choice for anybody who wants to make being able to stay in touch with family and friends completely safe and fuss free

This includes:

  • A simple to use handset with charging dock as well as traditional charger.
  • 600 call minutes (including calls to the UK call centre) & unlimited texts per month.
  • Around the clock access to the Fuss Free Phones' telephonist service to place calls, send texts and look up information on the internet.
  • No incoming nuisance calls - this is an opt-in service at no additional cost.
  • No obligation to continue after the introductory 3 month period.

There is an ongoing cost of £20 per month after the initial three month period. You can cancel at any time, to do so contact Fuss Free Phones on 0800 845 6600.

Download full manual

Please allow 3 working days for delivery.

Please contact Fuss Free Phones on 0800 845 6600.