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Disability Rights Handbook - 2021-2022

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Everything you need to know

The handbook provides in-depth, comprehensive guidance on the benefits system, explains how social care operates around the UK and includes information about other services and resources for disabled people.

And it's full of tools and tactics to help you make a successful claim.

What's new this year?

The coronavirus pandemic has put immense pressure on a social security system already battered by a decade of cuts.

Measures have been put in place to deal with the unprecedented number of people claiming benefits; some are positive, albeit temporary. Despite these measures, record numbers of claimants are facing poverty and debt. All this coincides with the continued rollout of Universal Credit.

Many claimants are worse off under its rules and can be penalised by a harsh sanctions regime.

Information and advice you can trust

Written in plain English by benefits specialists and legally referenced, it’s the only user-friendly benefits guide designed for both claimants and advisers.  It delivers complex information in clear, straightforward plain-English.

Fully updated for 2021/22 and easy to find your way around, it has the answers you need, to claim what you’re entitled to, or challenge an unsuccessful application for benefits or social care.

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