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Radiate teleseminar. . . Your Personal Story is Powerful

A number of us dialled in to an excellent telephone seminar on 5 November 2012, led by 'The Creative Coach' Fiona Anderson. Fiona facilitated a useful discussion about us as disabled people proactively shaping and communicating our personal stories, including as they relate to disability, in a career context. We talked first about the opportunities and risks, including the risk of discrimination. Fiona used an approach known as "appreciative inquiry" to encourage us to think about the strengths that our experiences give us in the workplace.

This is a topic that Radiate members have often touched on - how we can present the resilience, problem-solving and sometime general cussedness that many of us develop as a result of living as disabled people. If you'd like to have a go at working up your personal story following Fiona's guide, email me and I'll send you Fiona's note.