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Meet the partners

Disability Action

Disability Action works to ensure that people with disabilities attain their full rights as citizens, by supporting inclusion, influencing Government policy and changing attitudes in partnership with disabled people. Disability Action is the lead partner and will deliver the DRILL programme in Northern Ireland. Web: www.disabilityaction.org

Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights UK are disabled people leading change, working to create a society where everyone with lived experience of disability or health conditions can participate equally as full citizens. Disability Rights UK deliver the DRILL programme across England.

Disability Wales

Disability Wales occupy a unique position within Wales by championing the rights, equality and independence of all disabled people regardless of physical or sensory impairment, learning difficulty or mental health condition. They recognise that many disabled people have many identities and can face multiple-discrimination. Disability Wales deliver the DRILL programme across Wales. Web: www.disabilitywales.org

Inclusion Scotland

Inclusion Scotland (IS) is a consortium of organisations of disabled people and disabled individuals. Through a process of structured development they aim to draw attention to the physical, social, economic, cultural and attitudinal barriers that affect our everyday lives as disabled people in Scotland. Inclusion Scotland delivers the DRILL programme across Scotland. Web: www.inclusionscotland.org

DRILL partners