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Key points from the England launch of DRILL

Here are some of the viewpoints expressed following the launch of The DRILL programme in England on 15 September 2015

Read our launch press release

Dr Tom Shakespeare reminded us that the disability movement has used research to achieve major policy change: research by Mike Oliver and Gerry Zarb led to Direct Payments legislation in the 1990s; and research by Colin Barnes on the discrimination disabled people face gave us the evidence base to convince Government to pass the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The DRILL research could provide the basis for the next breakthrough.

Baroness Jane Campbell said today ‘5 million for independent living research – Now we can prove investment in IL works for all UK citizens’.

Jackie Long from Channel 4 talked about the importance of promoting disabled people’s voices  - not just those of spokespeople of large organisations.

Pat Russell from the Office for Disability Issues (ODI) said that she could help us channel the findings from the research to relevant Government departments, given the ODI’s cross-government role.

Jon Fox from the Big Lottery talked about how this programme fits with the Big Lottery’s strategy.