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Claddag granted permission to apply for judicial review on PEEPS

21 September 2022

Claddag (a Disabled leaseholder's group) has been given permission by the UK High Court to take its case against the Home Office to Judicial Review.

Claddag is a group of residents who are disabled or have health conditions and are living in homes affected by the cladding and building safety crisis.

They are looking to hold the government to account, to make sure that they implement the findings of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and recommend that all Disabled people living in high-rise buildings should have the right to a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP), but the Government is refusing to make those fundamental changes.

The judge also agreed to grant a cost capping order as this is a public interest case. If their claim is unsuccessful, Claddag will only have to pay the Home Office’s legal fees up to £20,000. They also need to pay court fees, which they estimate will be up to £1,500. 

Claddag has raised almost £16,000 and is looking to expand a further £5,000 on their crowdfunding appeal. They are asking those that support them if you could kindly spread the word to friends, family or colleagues who would want to give a small donation to help provide us with the safety net to pursue this case on behalf of the disabled, deaf and older community.

Bethany Bale, DR UK Policy and Campaigns Officer said:
“We are pleased that Claddag has been granted permission to continue to bring their case against the government forward. Disabled residents are protected under the Fire Safety Order just as non-Disabled residents are. The Government must implement PEEPs, as the Grenfell Inquiry recommended.

We hope that continuing to move this case forward will prevent the government from going ahead with its ineffective plans which put the lives of Disabled people at risk.”