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Open Letter to Boris Johnson

16 July 2020

Disability Rights UK is amongst the signatories of an open letter to the Prime Minister organised by Scope, warning that the government is forgetting about disabled people and risks turning back the clock on equality. The letter can be seen here: https://campaigns.scope.org.uk/page/64206/action/1

Fazilet Hadi, Disability Rights UK's Policy Manager says:

"The coronavirus crisis has put a spotlight on the deep inequalities faced by disabled people. The high number of deaths of disabled people has been a tragedy and must be investigated. We have struggled to get health and care services, buy food, get out for exercise and stay connected to family and community. We now need the government to engage us in recovery planning and to build a society where we can truly feel we belong."

PM is forgetting disabled people and risks turning back the clock on equality, warn Scope  

Scope has united with charities and disability campaigners in open letter to Boris Johnson 

  • 59 per cent of disabled people say they are concerned about feeling forgotten by the government 
  • 50 per cent of disabled people feel anxious about shielding being paused and only 5 per cent feel safe  
  • 41 per cent think life will be worse for disabled people after the pandemic and a third think that disabled people are less likely to be treated equally 

The disability equality charity Scope has today led a coalition of campaigners in an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling for urgent action to prioritise the needs of the UK’s 14 million disabled people, who have been amongst the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic but largely forgotten. 

Shockingly, almost two thirds of people who have died from coronavirus were disabled. The open letter highlights the neglect disabled people and their families have faced during the crisis and the fear that a looming recession will exacerbate existing inequalities.  

We want the vital National Disability Strategy, which has been delayed by government, to be put prioritised to show how disabled people won’t be forgotten in the government’s recovery plan. 

Organisations including Disability Rights UK, MND Association, National Autistic Society, Parkinson’s UK and The Business Disability Forum have joined forces with disability campaigners such as Baroness Jane Campbell, Richard Herring, Sophie Morgan, Samantha Renke and Lee Ridley to sign the letter.