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Social Security Advisory Committee mobility consultation

06 November 2019

The Social Security Advisory Committee is running a consultation until 3 December 2019 about how public funds can be used to best support disabled people's mobility needs.

The committee would like to hear from anyone who has experience of and evidence on the Motability scheme. It is keen to hear about the experience of those who may be eligible for the Motability scheme but have not taken it up. Its call for evidence is based on the following questions.

1. For those who are eligible, is not leasing a vehicle through Motability a voluntary choice?

Is the decision not to use the scheme related to a preference for using public transport or is it due to other factors?

Are disability benefits used for other forms of transport or travel support; and if so what are the benefits of this?

2. For disabled people who are on enhanced mobility benefits, what are the main barriers to leasing a vehicle through the Motability scheme? Barriers could include financial, practical, information based or personal factors for example.

What are the key issues for those individuals who feel they cannot opt in to the Motability scheme?

3. How does participation/non-participation in the Motability scheme impact on the life of a disabled person?

4. How affordable are adaptations to a leased vehicle?

Does the need for adaptations put people requiring these at a disadvantage in terms of using the scheme?

What grants are available for this group of people and what more can be done to support these needs?

5. For people who are not eligible, because they do not get the enhanced rate, is there a demand for opening up access to the Motability scheme?

6. How available and/or useful is the information on the Motability scheme?

Is support available to access this information?

How easy is the process involved in leasing a vehicle from Motability for disabled people with varying needs?

7. How does the need for and/or opportunity to benefit from the Motability scheme intersect with other characteristics such as:

  • different experiences of disability – for example physical impairment, mental health condition, learning difficulty
  • other characteristics – such as age, gender, ethnicity
  • ‘geography’ – whether disabled people live in a rural or urban environment

8. Do those using the Motability scheme benefit more financially than those eligible for the highest/enhanced rate who do not use the Motability scheme?

Send your responses, to arrive by 3 December, to: ssac.consultation@ssac.gov.uk


The Committee Secretary
Social Security Advisory Committee
7th Floor
Caxton House
Tothill Street

More background here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/how-public-funds-can-be-used-to-support-the-mobility-needs-of-disabled-people